Back to School: Bulk Import Overview


Welcome back to school! We hope everyone has had an AMAZING summer and is excited to get back to the classroom.  If you are already missing the days off at the pool or beach (because why wouldn’t you), hopefully, we can help make the transition back a little easier, with our “Back to School Series” beginning next week.

You might have noticed a few updates on the Discovery Education site, including the Bulk Import/Update Classes tool, visible if you are an admin for your school or district.  Through this tool an administrator can create one user name and password for each student and teacher within their school or district.  They can create and assign teachers and students to classes, which is completely new to streaming this year.


Student accounts permit teachers to assign quizzes and resources directly to student accounts where the student can then login and view all upcoming assignments. Students can use the newly redesigned Student Center to access their assignments and other DE services.

Stayed tuned next week for more detail on how to effectively use this tool!



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