Students as Teachers


I recently presented at a conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia where two 6th grade students were attending as IT helpers.  It soon was apparent that they were much more than that. These students loaded the iPads with apps that were needed for the presentations.  They also were trouble shooters. When a teacher could not get on to an app or had problems, they were there to help.   In addition, they were able to explain why things did not work.

Another advantage of having these students at the workshop was they saw the applications through the student’s eye.  As the teachers worked through the app, they were busy making their own example.  These students were more than willing to show their work.

Educators are often reluctant to be shown up by a student.  This should not be the case.  We can learn from many different sources.  Be thankful if you have students that can help you and realize they are the future. Think of where they could be in the future if you give them the opportunity to shine.

Submitted by  Cathy Houchin


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